Wedding Dress Cleaning

Your wedding gown is one of your most prized possessions. Having your wedding dress professionally cleaned is essential to preserving it for the future and for maximizing its resale value. 

It’s also important for the dress to be professionally cleaned before placing in storage. Doing so will ensure that all stains are removed, preventing their permanence. While visible stains such as those from food and wine are easy to detect, invisible stains may also exist, such as those from body oil and champagne.

Choosing a professional cleaner who has experience in dealing with special garments will ensure maintaining and preserving your wedding gown. 

At Simply Laundry, we take wedding dresses cleaning very seriously and deliver expert care with the highest quality cleaning. We treat your wedding dress with care and love from the start to the finish.

Simply Laundry takes good care of all your special event clothing. We’ll also dry clean and launder your business wardrobe and casual wear. If it’s hanging in your closet, we can handle it.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and pride ourselves on our service, quality, and dependability.

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