Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find the answer to your question below, feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

How It Works


How do I start?
All you need to do is visit our website and create an account or sign in through Facebook or Google+.

Where shall I drop-off my clothes?
Please choose while placing your order if you would like us to pick it up from your doorstep or concierge. We service Apartments, Condos, Businesses and houses. Please place your laundry in a disposable bag and label it with your name and address or if its your second order, then you would have a reusable garment bag from Simply Laundry that you can reuse.

How will I know that my laundry has been picked-up?
Once you place your order, Simply Laundry gets notified that your laundry is ready for pick-up. Our team will swing by to collect it from your concierge or doorstep (as per your chosen option) and we will change the status of your order to "Picked-up" in your account.

How will I know that my laundry has been dry-cleaned and delivered?
Simply Laundry will send you an email or SMS to let you know your clean, fresh laundry has been dropped off as per your request. That can be either your doorstep at your house, condo or apartment building or at your concierge.

What if I don't have a concierge?
A scheduling system will pop-up and you can schedule for a pick-up time from your door step.

My concierge doesn't accept laundry. What shall I do?
While placing your order, please choose a doorstep pick-up if your concierge doesn't accept you dropping it off.

What shall I do if I have a big order with many bags?
Please send us an email to inform us that you have a big order so that we can send a large vehicle to pickup your bag. Please state in your email your name, location and number of bags so we can send the appropriate car.

My Order


How do I place an order?
To place your first order, simply visit our website and create an account – you also have the option of signing in through Facebook or Google+. Once your account is set up, you can place an order whenever you like by clicking the ‘Place Order’ tab on our website.

How do I prepare my order for pick-up?
After submitting your order, place your dry cleaning or laundry in a bag with your name, address and unit number(If any). Your name and unit number is only required for your first order, Simply Laundry will return your clothes in a reusable Eco-friendly garment bag with a customer identification tag that you can use for future orders.

How can I let you know about specific requests?
If there are any special care instructions not included on the label, you can let us know when placing your order by including your comments in the ‘Special Instructions’ section.

Do I need to count the items in my order?
Absolutely not, counting items is all part of the service. Simply Laundry will take care of that on your behalf.

Is there a minimum order amount?
Yes, the minimum order is $20. If your order is less than $20 before tax, we will charge you the minimum order.

Can I cancel my order?
If you decide to cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours of placing your order either by emailing or calling us, otherwise your order will be processed. If we attempt to pick-up and weren't able to do so, we will charge you $10 "Unavailable Claim". We don't accept any text messages.

How fast will you process my order?
Turnaround time is usually 48-72 hours, not including Sundays and public holidays. We also provide a rushed service for an additional charge of $20. Rushed Service is currently only offered for Wash and Fold service.

Do you have monthly laundry plans?
We most certainly do. Please contact us so we can set up your account.

How will I know my order was received?
You will receive an email receipt or confirmation from Simply Laundry within five minutes of placing your order (if you don’t receive an email, please check your spam folder and add to your approved senders list). If you don’t receive an email receipt or confirmation please email

What if I do not receive an email receipt?
Try checking your spam folder. If it's not there, email

Couldn’t place an order?
We recommend using latest versions of IE/Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers. Also, kindly check if the cookies are enabled and pop-up blockers are disabled. If you are still facing issues in placing an order, you can email us your name, building and unit/house number and service type (Dry cleaning, Wash and Fold).

What happens to my laundry bag?
Please place your order in a disposable bag, as Simply Laundry won’t take responsibility of your bags, in case they get misplaced. We deliver your clothes in a reusable Eco-friendly garment bag, which has your personalized name tag for future use. Therefore, please don’t give out clothes in expensive suit covers, hampers or bags.

What if I am not home for scheduled delivery?
If not home, the driver will leave the clothes on your porch or on the handle of your door. Please ensure you are home. It will not be our responsibility once we drop-off the clothes.

What happens if driver attempts to pick-up and fails?
If an attempt of pick-up fails, then the customer is charged a $10 "Unavailable Claim".

How do I know if the driver is coming to pick my order?
Once the driver starts a pickup task, the customer will receive an SMS notification informing them that the driver is on his way and message will also include drivers name and phone number.

What happens if I don’t sort my order between Dry Clean and Wash & Fold?
We most certainly can sort your items for you for an extra charge of $20. Also, you would be agreeing that if we added any item to either service, its not our responsibility. For example, if you wanted your sweaters to be wash and folded, but we chose the Dry Clean service as we were worried about shrinkage of the item, then its the customer responsibility, as we tried to sort the order to the best of our ability.



What services do you provide?
Simply Laundry provides the following services: Dry Clean, Wash & Fold, and Wash & Hang. We also provide a rushed service for an additional charge of $20 for Wash and Fold and Wash and Hang.

What is the difference between Wash and Fold and Wash and Hang?
With the Wash and Fold service, we would wash, dry and fold all your clothes. The Wash and Hang service, we would wash your clothes and hang them to dry (Usually used for sweaters or delicates).

Is your dry cleaning process Eco-friendly?
It most certainly is. We apply wet washing to all your dry cleaning items.

Can I add special instructions to my order?
You most certainly can do that. While placing your order, please add any instructions in the special instructions box and we will adhere to them. We have many customers that prefer we don't use any scented detergents in our washing because of allergies.

Wash and Fold Plans


What is a Wash and Fold Plan?
Wash and Fold plans are wash and fold services i.e. Washing, drying and neatly folding your clothes. This is a monthly subscription service whereby you set the date for pickups and delivery and the frequency of these pickups within a certain month.

How can I subscribe to your plans?
The plans can be subscribed by contacting us through phone or email at

What are the available plans?
The available plans are Single's Plan (25 lbs), Couple's Plan (50 lbs), Family Plan (100 lbs), Baby Plan (40 lbs), and Business Plan (300 lbs).

What are the pricing for the plans?
The pricing for the plans are as follows -

Single's Plan(25 lbs) ........... $1.92 /lb.
Couple's Plan(50 lbs) ........... $1.88 /lb.
Family Plan(100 lbs) ........... $1.85 /lb.
Baby Plan (40 lbs) ........... $1.90/lb.
Business Plan(300 lbs)........... $1.80/lb.

Please note that the minimum order of 10 lbs applies on all orders regardless of the plan that you subscribe to.

How does the charging happen?
The charging happens once we do the drop off the order.

What if I go above the monthly poundage?
If you go above the poundage for the plan that you have chosen, then you will be charged for the extra poundage at the rate of the plan that you have subscribed to.

How can I unsubscribe from the service?
You can unsubscribe by contacting us through phone or email at

How can I pause the plans if I travel?
You can pause the plans by contacting us through phone or email at

What if I don’t reach to the poundage within that month?
If you don't reach the poundage within that month, then you will be charged for the next lower plan. For Example, if you have subscribed for Couple's Plan and don't reach the poundage of 50 lbs, then you will be charged as per the Single's plan i.e. $1.92 /lb.



What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discovery cards.

Are there any hidden fees?
The prices you see on our website are the prices you will pay, there are no hidden fees. We will only include additional charges for items that require special care, such as leather, velvet, or silk.

How can I use my coupon or special offer?
You can use your coupon or voucher number when you place an order. Please note that only one offer can be used per order as long as the code used is still valid and hasn't expired.

Do you have monthly laundry plans?
We most certainly do. Please email us so we can set up your account.

Rewards Program


Do you have a referral program?
Simply Laundry is happy to reward its customers for telling others about our service. To make a referral, simply provide us with your friend’s contact information. Your referral will receive a discount for their first order and you will receive a referral reward once that order is placed. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can make.

General Questions


Are you open on the weekend?
We most certainly are. Our schedule on the weekend is the following: Sunday from 7pm-11pm for pick-ups and delivery.

Besides cleaning, how else will Simply Laundry care for my clothes?
In addition to cleaning, we perform a thorough inspection of your clothes and ensure any stains, minor repairs, and wrinkles are taken care of. Rest assured, your clothes will be in tip-top condition when we return them to you.

Do you offer hand washing?
We do not currently provide this service. If you would like special care taken during the washing process for delicate items, please leave special instructions when placing your order to have those items washed on ‘gentle’ cycle.

What are your hours of operation?
We provide a 24x7 service; you can drop-off and pick-up your laundry at any time that is convenient for you. Our pick-up and drop-off times are 10am-3pm and 7pm-11pm. Flexible time-slots are also available.

What does a "Flexible" time-slot mean?
Flexible time-slot is convenient for those customers who are available throughout the evening. In that case, the driver will confirm the pick-up or drop off time as per their convenience.  

What kind of garment bags do you provide?
Each of our customers receives a reusable, eco-friendly garment bag free of charge after placing their first order. This limits the amount of plastic finding its way into landfills and helps us all do our part to protect the environment. If you lose your garment bag, we can provide you with a replacement at cost ($10).

What services do you provide?
We provide Wash and Fold, Wash and Hang, Dry Cleaning and Alterations.

How do I get my first garment bag?
After placing your first order, your clothes will be returned to you in our reusable garment bag. Each garment bag is unique to you and your account; please use it for future orders to identify the order as yours. Do not lend your bag to others as we may mistakenly charge your account. If we notice that your bag is getting worn, we will replace it for you free of charge.

How do you keep my information safe?
We have partnered with for payments. They store on their servers your credit card information and ensure the highest security encryption.
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What is Return/Refund Policy?
Simply Laundry strives to provide the highest quality dry cleaning and laundering services. In the event you are not fully satisfied, please contact us by email at and we will do whatever we can to rectify the situation and earn back your trust.

How do I get rid of bed bugs?
We provide services to get rid of bed bugs. Details regarding bed bugs are available here.

Do you wash my clothes in same washer for bed bugs?
Definitely not. Your clothes gets sent out to a specialized facility to ensure we never mix your bed bugs order with other orders.

Do you clean all of my house from bed bugs?
Unfortunately we don’t. We would be only able to clean all your clothes and linens. We can do both Wash and Fold + Dry Cleaning on all your clothing. Please place all clothes into a disposable bag, securely sealed, and label them with your name and address.

How do I prepare my order for bed bugs?
Please place all your clothes in a properly sealed disposable bag. You don’t have to separate the colours from the whites, we do that for you! If you wish to use us for two services which is Dry Clean and Wash & Fold service, please label the bags accordingly to the service that you wish.

What happens if my laundry is lost or damaged?
If your items are lost, please contact us directly and provide your order number. We will investigate what happened and ensure your satisfaction with the resolution. While we take the utmost care to provide an outstanding customer experience, occasionally things do go wrong and items can go missing or suffer damages. In these rare instances, the following guidelines dictate how customers are reimbursed and compensated for missing or damaged items:

Damaged Items

If an item is damaged through our delivery or cleaning process, we will send your damaged item to a third party clothing repair specialist for assessment and repair.

If the item can be successfully repaired, then we will repair it free of charge. If the damage cannot be repaired and was a result of the delivery/cleaning process, then we will assume full responsibility and provide either a replacement (if available), full reimbursement, or credit for use on future orders (subject to the exceptions below).

• Normal wear and tear, which includes slight shrinkage, slight fading, thinning of fabric, small rips or tears from repeated laundering, and color discoloration due to deodorant, perfumes or colognes.

If the item(s) in question were damaged due to “normal wear and tear”, then we will not provide compensation for the item(s).

Occasionally, vendors will return items unwashed as further washing or dry cleaning may result in possible or further damage. Should this be the case for one of your item(s), you will not be charged for the garment(s) in question.

Is Simply Laundry in my region?
There is a map on our homepage whereby you can enter your postal code and can identify if we service your region or not.

Can you recycle my hangers?
Absolutely. If you wish to recycle your hangers, please place them inside your garment bag on your next order.

Does your laundering process address customers with sensitive skin?
We address any and all concerns with regards to how your clothes are laundered, including adjustments for those with sensitive skin. If your order requires special treatment, simply fill out the details in the ‘Special Instructions For Your Order’ section.

What is the difference between Wash and Fold and Laundered shirt?
For all of your laundered shirts, they get pressed. Wash and Fold is just washing, drying and neatly folding your clothes for you.

How much laundry is 10lbs?
10lbs is approximately one week worth of your laundry.

I am very hygienic and worried about my clothes. How do you care for my clothes?
All washers and dryers get sprayed and wiped down between every customer to ensure each customer gets a perfect experience, and we don’t think that its hygienic to just wash all your clothes together like what other competitors do!

I am confused with all your bags. Please help!
Our black bags are for your dry cleaning, white bags are for all your Wash and Fold, and green bags are for the Wash and Hang service.

What is a super rushed service?
We would only accept a super rushed service if we pickup the item in our morning shift. We would pick-up your clothes in the morning and return them same day. In addition to cleaning cost, a service charge of $30 is applied. This option is available for Wash and Fold service only.

What are your cut off times?
For the morning shift, you have to place your order before 10am. For the night shift, you have to place your order before 5 pm to receive same day pickup service.